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So Glad You Came!

Thanks so much for checking out my space here. I'm so glad you found me and this page because I'd like to share my story and I think will help you re-write yours.

Not too long ago I was depressed and suicidal. I was owned by my eating disorder and had zilch in the confidence column, totally convinced that I was failing at life. I actually lamented to my sister that I was going to "die potential," never achieving what I knew I was capable of. 

I WAS STUCK IN MY HEAD... believing all the negative things I thought about myself and my body.

And then I discovered Access Consciousness! It was an amazing turning point in my life.. I finally got that there was nothing wrong with me! And I learned about tools that I could use to change anything! Happily ever after, right?


I became aware of all the hidden places that I was sabotaging, judging, and stopping me from being and achieving all that I could…and I started judging myself for that.

I was paralyzed by my drive for perfection, using old habits with new tools and wondering why things weren't working; demanding and waiting for someone or something else to change so that I didn't have to. I still didn't like me. I thought I had changed, but I was  still a hot mess—angry, frustrated, totally unhappy with me and what I knew I could accomplish and wasn't.


Maybe you'd like to start a business or change careers, go for something that really excites you, or just be sincerely and honestly happy... 

But you keep getting tripped up and stuck—in your body, loneliness, conflict in relationship, or your own feelings...

Whatever it is, it is POSSIBLE to get unstuck! 

I've made so many mistakes and built my life on so many misunderstandings and misinformation. I have destroyed relationships and spent so much time chasing the proverbial carrot on a string looking for happiness and success. 

I was rarely happy because I was addicted to my feelings and in the habit of judging me with lots of "shoulds." I was looking OUTSIDE myself for reasons things didn't work out and the solutions and to answers to what would work. I could never seem to "get there" or anywhere other than a mildly different version of my starting point.


I started  again, this time actually using the tools I had instead of talking about them. I finally started to separate me from my feelings. I also finally acknowledged that I had some really amazing abilities and began to use them for me instead of against me...and things really started to shift FAST.

I not only got got a whole different perspective on life; I got CONFIDENCE.  And my money situation started to turn around! My marriage got SO. MUCH. EASIER. I was able to smile at the reflection in the mirror and like myself. I laughed again.


As soon as I used the tools, they worked! IMMEDIATE RESULTS! 

It's not that everything changed. But every time I chose to use a tool I got more space. The drama died almost instantaneously. I had more quiet in my mind and knowing I was one step closer to what I was going for. And every time I refused to be derailed by my old ways, I got more confidence. 


One of the amazing abilities I finally acknowledged was that I am really good at explaining and helping others to transform their attitude so that they can be amazing and awesome in their own right.  

Yeah, I can use MY strengths FOR YOU—to get you out of your head and into the confident potent being that you really are.

PRAGMATIC, PRACTICAL, EFFECTIVE coaching with a DYNAMIC, FUNNY person with real life experiences to laugh about that will make "doing your work" seem like less work…I even dare say, fun. Oh yeah, and FAST.

I created the HAPPINESS clinic because I was tired of everything taking a long time. I was frustrated by the lofty talk and lack of results I experienced. And I hated the thought of "one size fits all" programs because they never seemed to fit.  

I LOVE sharing simple tools that actually work! I LOVE seeing powerful people (re)discovering themselves and the joy that comes when they choose change over drama. And, I LOVE facilitating someone out of a rut and judgment into confident and able to handle anything.

I would like to personally invite you to join me and re-write your story. It's time to create a new narrative about you and your life.

I 'd like to allow my different way of looking at things to get you out of your swirling thoughts and around your issues. For perhaps the first time in your life you could have someone tell you that you're not crazy and believe it. You could walk away from a session or workshop with a new way of looking at the world that let's you be in important and valuable. You could actually believe that you really can have whatever it is you're after AND have the tools and attitude that will actually make it possible!

It's amazing how BIG a change Happiness can  make… I can't wait to meet you! 


Join Me for Happy Hour!

Serving up consciousness and snacks to get you out of rut and into HAPPY!

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Here's what's in it for you!

The benefits of coaching

What's behind all this, anyway?

JOYLYN's Tenets of Coaching


education and credentials

  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine / Bastyr University / Kenmore, Washington
  • Certified Access Bars Facilitator/ Access Consciousness/ Boulder, Colorado
  • Certified Life Coach / Yoga Life Coach / Seattle, Washington
  • Massage Therapy Certification / Midwest Institute of Massage Therapy / Belleville, Illinois
  • Bachelor of Science / University of Missouri-Columbia / Columbia, Missouri


  • Happiness Facilitator, Intuitive Bodyworker, Co-Creatrix / HAPPINESS / Boise, Idaho
  • Facilitator, Speaker & Author/ Venus In Motion/USA
  • Empowerment Specialist and Health Coach / Health Through Empowerment / Boulder, Colorado
  • Volleyball Coach / Legends Volleyball Club and Shining Mountain Waldorf School / Boulder, Colorado
  • Owner and Massage Therapist / A Show of Hands: Therapeutic Massage / Collinsville, Illinois
 Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci

Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci

JOYLYN is the creatrix of the HAPPINESS clinic. She is a happiness facilitator, specializing in conscious communication and relationship dynamics.

She helps people to shift into confident, shining stars using simple, pragmatic tools that can be used to IMMEDIATELY change their lives.

Her philosophy and facilitation combines her experience and training as a naturopathic doctor and life coach with the tools of Access Consciousness and Non-Violent Communication, to deliver the information, tools, and space required to make changing easier and faster.

 JOYLYN is also the co-creator of Venus In Motion, a developing cooperative where she works with her sister to design and create curricula for schools, businesses, and communities to implement Conscious Communication to create "a community of conscious, confident women unstoppable in their ability to change the world."

She also an artist. You can find her work at JOYLYNsparkles and on Facebook.

She lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and dog, Stimpy. She uses her own coaching to get out of judgment so she can create more for her community and for herself as an entrepreneur and athlete.