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Group Options

Self-exploration doesn't always have to be done alone. Here are some options to exponentialize the possibilities and fun while you do "the work."

 It's not a job if you like the work...

It's not a job if you like the work...

blown away

You can get to consciousness from anywhere, so why not start with blow jobs? This is an empowering class…and confidence is sexy! Whether you are looking to re-ignite your current romance or attract a new one, be prepared for the sizzle, because your love life is going to heat up!

Create a fun girls night for you and your lovely lady friends. And if you tell your fellas what this is all about, you will get more support than you knew possible 😉

Call for reservations and details.

happy hour

It's a Consciousness Social! Gather your friends and enjoy interesting conversation and facilitation. Dr. JOYLYN will have a host of ideas for conversation starters, or you choose the conversation... Whatever the topic, you will get mind-blowing insights and tools around communication, bodies, relationships, self-image, money, etc...and what gets in your way from having what you'd like.

Small talk and gossip is for small minds. This is an invitation to change your reality and create something greater with your friends.

Call for reservations and details.

 Good company. Life-changing conversation.

Good company. Life-changing conversation.

 Change your reality. Change the world.

Change your reality. Change the world.

Access consciousness Bars Class

Access Consciousness Bars® is a form of bodywork to release limitations and allow you to function in a different way, allowing you to have greater ease in your life.  

Learn the Bars. 

Become a Certified Bars Practitioner.

Create new income streams.

$300 for first class, $150 for repeat class. NCBTMB continuing education available (6 hours). Call for information and schedule.

coaching circles

Coaching circles connects you to a coach—enhancing your ability to unlock and release limitations—and a network that supports and delights in your transformation. 

Each Coaching Circle is made up of 3-8 individuals that meet weekly for 6 weeks (Group meetings are 60-75 minutes and done in-person or as a virtual get-together via Google Hangout or Skype).  Get personal attention and target-directed facilitation at a price point that won't make you sweat.

Create a group around on a topic that you'd like facilitation and coaching.

Let's talk possibilities.

 The change you seek is within reach.

The change you seek is within reach.

 I'm always keen on co-creating new things, so if you have an idea, please get in touch!