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Benefits of Coaching

Yours for the taking.

YOU CAN be happy, successful, and easy-going NO MATTER how long you've been struggling with an issue or problem. 

Space (free of judgment). Insights. Tools. Practice and accountability. Encouragement.  It may not always be comfortable or easy. But it will always be worth it. Because your work with JOYLYN will bring you closer to YOU and your target.

The Benefits of Coaching



You are the one person that you have to live with every minute of everyday. If the one person you are with the most is unkind most of the time, it is very hurtful to your self-esteem.

Whether it is due to abuse or manipulation you endured when we were small, abuse and punishment that you inflict upon yourself now as a result of some judgment you have of yourself, neglect and disregard that you demonstrate for yourself, or whatever else, the lack of kindness that you give and/ or are willing to receive damages and diminishes your trust in yourself. When your trust in you is damaged, it is hard to be confident. You become VERY susceptible to self-doubt and self-sabotage. You are likely to undermine your choices, be more gullible, manipulable, and imprisoned by the constant worry about what others will think.

This does not have to be your story or fate any longer. You are a Bad Ass. You write your story. It is very possible and attainable to regain your trust in you and become confident in YOU--your value, your contribution, your choice to be here and have a place on this planet. You can rebuild your trust in you, and begin to make choices that will work for you to create a life that is full of loving, caring people, fun work, and space to contribute and be appreciated. Coaching with Dr. JOYLYN facilitates conscious communication—identifying negative self-talk, out-dated and detrimental interpretations of interpersonal interactions, and offers insight and tools to change your mental and emotional space. By doing this you can turn your alone time into fun time so that you don't need other people or substances to fill you up or "turn down" the pain or discomfort. You can approach people and new situations with confidence, knowing that you can care for yourself no matter what the outcome, and anyone and everyone that you spend time with will be by choice, rather than obligation or hiding.


We spend so much energy trying to get other people to behave differently so that we can feel in control or some sense of value. We have lots of expectations of others, that we either don't communicate clearly or at all. Sometimes, we don't even know that we have expectations of other people. But these unspoken, hidden "rules of engagement" are often the unconscious crap that drains our energy and destroys the joy of relationship. We could be so much more productive, joyful, and in many cases, thinner, if we would be willing to let go of this burden.

By letting go of the expectations and projections that you have of people, including yourself, you wouldn't just be managing stress, you'd actually be eliminating it. Can you even image how much extra time you would have in your day if you weren't ruminating about something someone said, bracing yourself for the next insult, or trying to get someone's attention? 

If you didn't have to fight to prove you were right, prove your love, prove your worth... 

how much more time and energy would you have available for FUN, instead of giving all you had to "make the relationship work?" 

Coaching with Dr. JOYLYN will improve your communication and facilitate your release of unspoken "rules" that are ruling your life and making things more difficult. Improving communication makes relationship and family dynamics easier so you can actually choose and enjoy your company. Improving communication and clearing unconscious patterns improves productivity, and unlocks creative potential.

Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci also offers relationship coaching. To learn more, click here.


Money can be a sore subject for a lot of people. It means a lot of different things to a person.

Our belief in the necessity of money is often a very significant source of stress and the lack of it often leads to the decline of health, relationships, businesses, and the futures we'd like to have. Money matters are complicated by the judgments we have of people who have it, people who don't, how it is used, and  and money itself (dirty money, mad money, spending money, blood money, "money is the root of all evil," etc.). 

What if it could be different? What if there was a way to change your relationship with money? What if there were ways to open up your creative capacities so that you could have some (or all) of the things you want without having to "make" the money for it first? What if you could have a relationship with money that allowed you to feel valued and valuable, regardless of your bank account balance? What if there were obstacles and beliefs in place that keep you from going beyond a certain point --revolving door/glass ceiling, carrot-on-a-string sort of situations?

You can have a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT reality with money. Coaching will show you the beliefs that you have about money that keep you stuck. Access Bars®, a form of bodywork can help you release those beliefs from your system. You can finally break through the unconscious, invisible obstacles and GO BEYOND your current financial reality into one of joy, gratitude, and ABUNDANCE!


You'd like to have awesome body, right?

Are you using your body as evidence that you are not good enough/special/beautiful?

I know from personal experience just how frustrating and painful a body can be...For some, it's actual decline in function or a physical deformity that is the source of judgment and discomfort...For me, it was perception...

I struggled with eating disorders for decades and was in absolute misery, feeling trapped inside a body that I hated, always wishing it looked like someone or something else. With the amount of time and energy spent in the mirror pinching, pulling, poking, squeezing, crying, and even verbally abusing my body, I could've ended world hunger. The amount of energy that I directed at hating my body is astounding.

Does this sound familiar? How much energy are you using to focus on all that is wrong about your body?

No matter what your relationship with your body was or is, you can become best friends. When you learn the truth of the depth of kindness that your body has for you and you become willing to stop judging it, you can have a totally different relationship with it.

You can love the skin you're in, regardless of size or shape. And, the funny thing is, that when you start approaching  your body from a place of sincere gratitude, it actually starts to change size and shape and becomes more beautiful.  

Having gratitude for what you may see as the current bane of your existence might seem a little bit farther than your imagination is able to stretch right now. But, changing your perspective from hate, shame, guilt, despair, or discomfort to gratitude is possible. 

Allowance and gratitude are the real keys for change, like fuel and oxygen for a fire. And the igniting spark is your CHOICE to do something DIFFERENT-- not coaching to to an outcome and promising that your body will be more lovable when it looks different, but releasing the judgments that we have locked in our bodies and re-wiring the brain to dismantle the solidified habit of judgment. I have the information, tools, techniques, and presence to get you to choose something really different...YOU.

Make the choice to do something different. CHANGE YOUR SHAPE NOW! 


When we give ourselves to people or companies that do not recognize the contribution that we are and the unique talents and gifts that we can offer, it can be deflating. It can also be quite difficult to keep engaged when there is no sense of autonomy, and tough to make ourselves go to work when we lack connection with our work or those we are working with. Yet, it seems that there is little we can do but "put in our time," insisting that the idea that you can "work your way to the top" and "get ahead."

Advising people to stay in jobs that are not just unsatisfying, but seemingly soul-sucking until finding something "better" is pretty standard...but what do YOU know?

Deep down you know that to trade time for money is never going to be enough. You know that being paid to play, doing what comes naturally and is fun for you, and to use those talents to contribute to others has got to be possible. Waking up with enthusiasm and an eager readiness to do whatever it takes to actualize your success can be your new reality.

You can just as easily fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love
— Jim Carrey, 2014

The strength to rise above the mediocrity of settling for a job, to challenge the seduction of "safety" and move into the unknown, where anything is possible is WITHIN YOU. 

Coaching helps you see what is really in your way...

You get tools to get around those obstacles to allow unobstructed movement to your target.

Acknowledging your strengths, cultivating gratitude for any and all career choices that you've made, and clarity on what direction you'd like to take your life and being will to make choices based on what you know...is true leadership.

You have what it takes to create and go for greater...

Are you ready to take a leap?

There are no rules on how to get coaching

We can work outside, on a hike, in a kayak, at my office, or in your home or office, even in a squeaky leather chair, if that is your preference 😀. We can work while doing activity, simply talking, or while you get transformative bodywork. We can even include other people...You choose what will work best for you.

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