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by Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci

Scientific Proof that You are a Superhero

For those of you invested in science—if they have proven that a person can change the behavior of a particle just by observing it (the observer effect)—how could you ever argue for your impotence again?

How could you make yourself small enough to see yourself as the product of your diet, your parents, or at the effect of GMOs, artificial sweeteners, other people’s opinions, your horoscope, etc.? If you have the power to affect atoms, then how could you see yourself as so powerless to all the things going on around you?

These things affects us because we allow them to; we buy into the belief that those factors are greater than we are. Yes, there are parameters and awarenesses of what will kill a body. We know, on a deep level what will nurture us and what will destroy us, either quickly or slowly. But how many of us know at least one story of a miracle where these rules just didn’t apply? If we all know of at least one story like that,  why do we insist that it is the exception and not the rule?

If we can change atomic activity by just observing it, are we not walking, talking miracles? 

Our only limitation is the belief that we choose to continuously reinforce—that we are not spectacular, infinite beings.

And, if the belief that we aren’t spectacular makes us feel like crap and lead us to keep selling ourself to our circumstances or other people, would believing that you ARE a miracle, a bad-ass superhero the world’s been waiting for, and the risk of judgment from others (that isn’t actually real and can’t possibly physically kill you) be any worse than what you’re living now—all the insecurity and doubt? I say it feels a hell of a lot better to think myself a superhero than believing that I’m worthless and powerless. Even if it were inaccurate, does it even matter? (And inaccurate according to who, might I ask?) I feel better. Who wins then? Me… And, everyone else. Because confidence and brilliance are whole lot more fun and inviting. Why not, then, just let pragmatism be a guide here? Pick the point of view that makes you feel better. 

If science and logic are what you’re using to defend the bullshit story of impossibility, blame, doubt, guilt, and powerlessness; is it possible that this same science, by way of quantum physics (the observer effect) and logic (pragmatic approach) are the very things showing you the value of possibility and the truth of your amazing-ness? 

Enough pretending to be mediocre. YOU ARE AMAZING. Science has proven it!

If you would like even more evidence and to see a miracle for yourself, contact me and reveal your inner superhero.




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