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by Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci

3 Superpowers You Already Have

A superhero is one that exhibits qualities that are beyond this reality. Did you know you were a superhero? You have butt loads of capacities that you could be using to create a life that is phenomenal and fun. But, if you don't recognize the powers you have, you may be using them against yourself. Oops.

Here are 3 Superpowers that you have RIGHT NOW that you can start to use to make your life awesome.


Choice is the ultimate superpower. No matter what the odds, obstacles, duration or persons involved, choice can change it. There is no superpower greater than choice because choice is a power of the infinite being. Just by virtue of exercising this power and consciously choosing, one acknowledges his or her infinite nature--that no one, no thing, NOTHING is greater than himself or herself. 

What makes choice so powerful?

Choice is total. There is no half-way. All or nothing--you either choose something, or you don't. Choice is powerful in its absolute requirement to being fully present, here and now.

Choice is impermanent. In this reality, what endures is valued and revered. But choice is impermanent; it can be changed at any time. It is this malleability that prevents solidification so that change can be immediate. It is the ability to change anything that makes it a superpower.

You are an infinite being. As such, you have no beginning, no end, no limits--you are not ruled by time or place, by your thoughts, your emotions, or your circumstances. All of those things are less than you because they are not infinite. And, anywhere that you think or believe that these things are greater than you, that you have no choice, that you are trapped, is a lie that you have chosen to believe. And, if you chose to believe it, you can un-choose it. It's just a choice. Nothing is required except choosing--you don't have to know how it's going to turn out or what will happen next. It is actually more like an "attitude adjustment" or willingness to have, be, or do something rather than the actual having, doing, or being. You can change anything and everything, if you choose to do so. And once you can allow yourself to see how you chose everything (EVERYTHING) in your life now, you can begin to use this superpower for you and choose your way into a better life that would be more fun to have.


This power is so simple, it is often overlooked. So much of our time and energy is spent trying to find an answer or figure our way around an assumption. There are so many conclusions as to what is/is not possible and how someone will react if we do/don't do something. If we would just take a second to ask a question, a whole new possibility could show up--one that we didn't even know what available, couldn't see, wouldn't expect, and is better than we could imagine.

You have the ability to re-configure the universe so that things will turn out even better than you could imagine. NOW. All you have to do is ask.

The caveat here is two-fold. First, you have to actually ask a question. That means that putting a question mark behind a statement or conclusion doesn't count. You actually have to have the energy of curiosity behind it. For example:" What else is possible here that I haven't even considered?" --good question, versus "What am I doing wrong?"--not so good question, because it actually an assumption that you are doing something wrong. (Superhero training helps to make this much clearer so you can use this superpower more effectively). Second, you have to let go of your expectations of when the awareness and goodness will arrive. You can't put the Universe on your timeline. You can re-arrange it, but your puny mind not be able to actually see your handiwork immediately. In the meantime, breathe.


You are picking up other people's shit all the time. Almost all of the thoughts, feelings, emotions that you experience aren't yours. They belong to someone else! You are a highly sensitive being with the ability to perceive what is going on in other people's universes. The problem is that no one told you that, so you thought that it was all yours. It's not. And now you can begin to let go of whatever is not yours so you have more mental space and energy to put towards creating a kick-ass life.

One thing to keep in mind with this superpower is that you have to use the other superpowers of choice and question in order to get the most potent effect. For EVERY thought, feeling, or emotion you have, ask "Who does this belong to?" You do not need to get an answer of who it actually belongs to, just a sense of whether it is truly yours, or someone else's. If it is not yours, then please do not waste any more of your precious time, energy, or powers on it. If it is yours, please start asking questions to open up possibilities to change it. In the end, you will have to choose if you want to keep it, or let it go, regardless of the source.

You have to begin to acknowledge that you have this power. Then, and only then, can you begin to use this power for you--to perceive what is going on in other people's universes and be able to ask for and deliver what is required to get what you want from them and for them. Your life will be so much easier when you use your empathic abilities to make life easier, instead of internalizing all the information and making it harder.