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by Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci

No More Shitty Stories

I’m on a work trip in California. My husband and I stopped in Santa Paula for the night. (The Glenn Tavern Inn is super cute, by the way). We had breakfast at a cute little cafe and across the street wasbook store. We’ve been talking about how nice it would be to have a book on this trip because there’s been a lot of down time. And, though both of us tend to gravitate to non-fiction types of literature, and we both have that with us, we were craving a story.

So, finishing breakfast I say, “Let’s go buy a story.” And I started laughing because, why would I need to pay money for a story? I buy stories all the time. My favorite, based on the number of times I’ve bought it, is “I’m fat;” followed closely by, “I’ll be good enough when…” Block busters, both, I tell you. But whose block do they bust? Mine. I’ve been bankrupted by these stories several times in my life. I’ve paid with real money, wasted time, agony, broken heart, refused kindness, and bodily injury--suicide attempts and lots of over-exertion and exercise abuse. (Read more about Dr. JOYLYN Bopp.)

I’m cute, but not bright. I buy these stories like they are true. I make fiction into non-fiction by living it out. I add narration and interpretation to people’s facial expressions and body language. I add intrigue and embellishment to nearly every glance of theirs, every thought of mine. I put it in my very own spin machine and tumble it over and over and over and over. Sadly, the endings all seem to sound the same—I’m fat and I’ll be better when…What the hell? I think it’s time to buy a new story, or at least come up with an alternative ending. Sex and drama sell, but maybe a nice feel-good story with some loving kindness is the soul food I need now. If I can make that other shit into reality, there really is no reason that I can’t do it with another genre.

Am I the only one who does this shit?

It doesn’t really matter. I recognize it now. I see how I’ve been using my superpowers against me and I’m not going to do that anymore. How does it get better than this? I just changed my life. And, I’m going to save my life, money, and sanity and refuse to buy any stories, to indulge in or propagate any more trauma and drama. I’m going to create and uncreate on my whim. I’m not entirely sure I really get the magnitude of this yet, but it sounds like something fun I’d like to do.

I’m going to buy a book today. But, I sure as hell am not going to buy any more shitty stories. 

I am a superhero. And this is how superheroes are made/revealed.

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