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by Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci


Money issues have come up a lot for me lately. It’s a hot topic just about all of the time. What is the truth about money?



The truth about money is that it just is. It’s not evil, it’s not dirty, it’s not anything, until you put a label and assign meaning to it. And it’s these labels and stories that we have about money that are limiting our ability to receive and have it in our lives.



Get this:



Wanting is NOT receiving.  Getting is NOT receiving. 

That’s right, even when you get it, often you can’t receive it. Many of us push it away, re-gift, spend it on something ridiculous that will not contribute or add value to our lives. Why? Because we haven’t learned, or more accurately, haven't remembered how to receive money and have it in our lives.



Here is an example that I’ve been using a lot in the last year:



Money = validation, worth. 



I knew if someone agreed with me or valued me by how much they invested in my services. I had equated my self-worth and planetary contribution to how much money I made.



But how can that be when I was most treasured when I created the most work for others and contributed no money to the household income--when I was a baby--when

 all I had or cared to offer was my BEING.







And now, I am a SUPERHERO. When was the last time a superhero passed on saving the world because he/she didn’t think she was enough?


If I’m going to be the superhero I truly be, it’s time to check that shit,

to return all that I bought about how I have to do something in order to have money, to contribute to others, prevent from being a burden, or justify my being.



Can we say ENOUGH!! I’m not having this anymore! And everywhere that we've been running a similar story and using money as the currency of validation and a tool to abuse ourselves and “prove” our unworthiness, would you be willing to destroy and un-create it?  Yes?!?!

Because the truth is, we created this limitation to receiving and having money by agreeing and buying this point of view. The good news is, if we created it, we can un-create it. It’s not hard. You just did it.  ✪ (for more, see the end footer to this blog)





It’s time to allow ourselves to just be. Let go of the fear or conclusion that if you just be that you do nothing; that you will just sit like a lump and convert oxygen into carbon dioxide. Actually, if you allow yourself to just BE, you will BE more creative, more energetic, happier, and more action-oriented. You will be so amazed by your own awesomeness that you will not be able to contain it.

And trust me, YOU BE AWESOME!!



So, what if we allowed ourselves to just be, if we let money just be; and we just asked each other if we could “come out and play,” like we did when we were little? And if money wasn’t able to show up just then, that’s just how it was just then  . No need for conclusions, projections, or assumptions. Just BE you and ask again tomorrow. 

. . .By the way, have you ever considered that perhaps money has been asking for you to come and play and you keep saying “no” because you thought you had to do something before you are worthy or able to play.


(and gifting at the same time. How neat!)




Superheroes, it’s time to BE--be seen and receive Receive the awesomeness of You. Let everyone see the awesomeness of You. Come out from behind the guise of unworthiness and the ideas about money that “prove” it. The new currency for creation and being  is FUN. Are you having any yet? Want more? Want to find out how fun and money really related?  










✪ Think of a diamond. Think of a dog. You just created 2 thoughts. That is the same creation that took place when you created or "bought" (took on another person's point of view about something) a thought about money and a thought about yourself or when you connected a thought about money to yourself. It was lightning fast. What keeps the thought going is your nurturing it, looking for evidence to prove it, and choosing to create it over and over again. So, this is what I’m talking about when I say un-create. Just choose to erase it. It is that simple. You just have to do it over and over again, just like you did with the creation.

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