Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci
I happen to things.

Transformative Bodywork

Receive kindness.

Have fun with your body again.

Is your body a burden?

...Pain. Fatigue. Weight gain. Decreased range of motion or endurance.  Symptoms you can't figure out? 

What if it didn't have to be that way? Maybe you feel like you've tried just about everything—home remedies, diets, prescriptions, other modalities and nothing seems to work. That doesn't mean that you're stuck living this way.


You've been through a lot together. The pain, stiffness, and fatigue is actually from judgments and trauma being locked into your body. Those symptoms are just its way of "talking" to you and giving you awareness.


You could be energetic again. You could be proud of what your body looks like and what it can accomplish. You could wake up and go to sleep without pain! But how?

Transformative bodywork:  

An integration of cranio-sacral therapy, fascial release, therapeutic massage and muscle re-education, and other energy modalities that facilitates the release of injuries—new and old, physical and emotional. 

It's different...maybe best described as "body whispering." 

It helps you heal faster and more fully...so you can feel more healthy and ALIVE! again (or for the first time).  

What would it be like to leave a bodywork session and just know that your body was not the same anymore? That your experience with pain had changed...That your attitude about the past had changed even though you just got some bodywork done?...

Experience more ease, joy, and glory with your body.

I also offer Access Consciousness Body Processes:

Done separately or as part of personal coaching, these body processes help to integrate your body and being so that you can have and enjoy all of You.