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Coaching Circles


Go farther faster.

You want to get out of your rut. Especially when it comes to (fill in the blank). 

Group dynamics are powerful and potentiate change, so you have an opportunity to go farther faster than you would all by yourself. You benefit from others' questions and processes. You learn about yourself by observing and interacting with other people. And you are inspired to let go of limiting thoughts faster because you see others doing it.

Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci offers Coaching Circles: facilitation for small groups...

Coaching circles connects you to a coach—enhancing your ability to unlock and release limitations—and a network that supports and delights in your transformation. 

Surround yourself with the potency and badassery of other amazing people! 

Have a team working with you and for you to get out of your funk....to delight in your success and encourage you to keep going when the "going gets rough"...and pay less!

Here's how it works:

Each Coaching Circle is made up of 6-8 individuals that meet weekly for 6 weeks (Group meetings are 60-75 minutes and done in-person or as a virtual get-together via Google Hangout or Skype).  

Group meetings, a private Facebook group, along with a bunch of surprise goodies scattered throughout your sessions, make sure you get the resources to get the most from your coaching.

It's up to you to apply what you learn and actually use the tools in order to experience change. But you'll have the tools, coaching, and practice needed to succeed!

You want personal attention and target-directed facilitation at a price point that won't make you sweat?...YOU GOT IT!

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