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RADventure Retreat

Learn Adventerously

For Couples Who Want to Communicate Good…and Do Other Stuff Good, Too*


change easier, faster


more energy


more confidence


more fun


better sex!

Friday, January 19-Sunday, january 21/ Tamarack resort, Donnelly, Idaho

Join expert coach and author, Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci and her husband, former professional downhill mountain bike racer and all-around good guy, Pete Maniaci for an epic weekend to uplevel your relationship and have more fun with your partner than you knew possible with this all-inclusive retreat! 

Step away from distraction and into adventure. Get to know you, your partner, and new ways of being with each other that will make relationship more fun. 

Over the weekend, we will work on common communication snags, fears, and judgments about ourselves, our partners, the sex that we are or aren't having, and more…the things hinder us from the closeness and support we look for in our relationships.  You can be in love and get what you want with greater ease than you thought possible...

Best of all, what you learn in this weekend you can use to improve every single relationship in your life…which will change your. whole. life.


I'm In!


let me see the itinerary...

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Are you...

fighting or arguing with your partner more often than you used to?

having the same argument over and over and nothing is changing?

feeling that sex isn't as fun or as frequent as it used to be?

feeling bored or stuck in your relationship?

experiencing tension with family or work colleagues?

…maybe just...

a rad couple that wants to get radder?!?!

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Would you rather...

laugh more,

have more fun with your partner,

be more confident,

have more, better sex,

communicate in a way that fosters cooperation rather than conflict,

up level your badassery and hone your adventure skills,

have more energy and vitality?!?!


*This retreat is designed for couples; but you do not have to be a couple or have a partner to participate in the retreat.

So here's what it will look like (ish):

Friday Happy Hour dinner to get to know each other and dig in to conscious communication and relationship stuff we'll be playing with this weekend.

Saturday we will begin with a group activity and then the dudes will take off with the amazing Pete Maniaci for mountain adventure. Lunchtime sesh with Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci and then to more adventures with Pete until 5 pm for group activity.

Ladies will join me for Conscious Coupling to Spice Up Your Love Life workshop (this is about having fun with BJs, ladies. Just want you to be aware and prepared for fun!) Afterward the ladies are let loose on the mountain to ski, snow shoe, or enjoy some hot tub or spa time; meeting together with the gentlemen at 5pm for dinner and our evening workshop.

Saturday night dinner and onto the feature presentation: Conscious Communication workshop.

Sunday Funday of skiing, snow shoeing, or spa-ing; ending with a Happiness Round Up before taking happily ever after back to your home base.


want more detailed information? get it here...


For more information or questions, contact Dr. JOYLYN Maniaci: info@ihappentothings.com