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I happen to things.
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It's Up

to You.

Choose Happiness

Happiness isn't just a feeling, it's the essence of our being. We are all magic happening.

Happiness is my business…and also my contribution…

to create a community that supports and delights in the thrival of each other; where people are encouraged to be confident and fully alive in their communication and relationships...living life on their own terms.

The problem is that through the years—the trials, traumas, and misunderstandings—we separate from our true nature and our partners. We mistake our happiness as a thing or a feeling that comes from having things or having things go "right." 

The Good News: There is a way out of the mess and back to YOU! (That's where I come in. You can read more about me here.)

Happiness is a way to change your life…faster... 

…because happiness doesn't come from things changing; happiness changes things! 

When you choose to be happy, you are more open. This is the space where possibilities exist. When you have that space, you can make choices that will get you to your target much faster.

COACHING GETS YOU TO “YOUR HAPPY SPACE” FASTER THAN ANYTHING YOU’VE TRIED BEFORE—no matter what or how many times you’ve tried before.

the HAPPINESS clinic is where I get to have fun doing what I do best—coaching, revealing your awesomeness so that YOU can see it and be confident in your ability to handle anything and everything that comes your way—to know that things don't happen to you, you happen to things!

This shit doesn't have to be hard.

Combining my training and experience, sprinkled (okay, totally bursting) with my unique blend of awesomeness, I have created a coaching program that WORKS so you experience change and see progress faster than anything you've tried before. 

This is for those of you who are tired of bullshit and ready to move on and go beyond.

If you are ready, I am the shoulders to stand on, the platform for your quantum leap to greater.

Here are some ways we can do that:


Through dialog and conscious communication, you can see YOU and your world in a different way. Identify the subtle or hidden "stickers" (not the gold star kind) that are keeping you in a life and/or relationship that diminishes your potential.

Dynamic conversation can be just between you and Dr. JOYLYN in individual life coaching session. Or you can Remodel Your Relationship and bring laughter back to your love life with relationship coaching.



Your body often stores tension, emotion, and other residual energy that can hinder your ability to effectively change your life. Transformative BodyworkAccess Consciousness Bars, and Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. JOYLYN can unlock those patterns so that you can enjoy your body again.  

Less pain. More energy. More freedom. More confidence.


creating community

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click for schedule

Workshops and classes allow you to get what you need while you enjoy yourself and the company of other fun peeps who are looking to learn and practice new tools and techniques for creating a greater future, too.

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us to schedule a workshop on a topic you'd like!


brain training

You can train your brain for success and happiness.

In this program you get 66 days of support and the accountability needed to keep you practicing and repeating the thoughts and skills it takes to re-wire your brain and create a new healthy habit pattern that will put you in the flow of success. You will meet your goals with greater ease than ever before and become happier and happier as the days go by.


Come to a Happy Hour, class, or workshop!

JOYLYN changed my life.  There is no other way to say that...
...Last week, after overcoming an injury, I ran the endurance/obstacle race, and I did it alone. I loved every second of it, and I’ve already registered for another race. Having Joylyn as my life coach undoubtedly helped me get to this place, and I can’t thank her enough. I’m so excited to see what else is possible! ”
— Tammy S., Finisher, 2016 World's Toughest Mudder | Finisher, 2016 OCR World Championships

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Transformation Starts with One Click

Life transformation can happen in a lot of ways, but it will never happen until you choose it. Coaching is an effective, efficient way to get the support and training you need to cultivate confidence and ease in your life. If you are not sure which services will best work for you, just ask.

Word Nerdery

When you begin to realize and acknowledge you, you begin to know that things don't happen to you...you happen to things.

In the present tense, this would be expressed as "I happen," as in our tagline: I happen to things.

You may be tempted to express that as "I am happening." But, that construction actually creates a separation of/from you. In this construction you have distanced yourself from the totality of being to become an "I" that is doing something.*

So…if you are to be truly, completely, and totally you in the present moment—NOW—then "I happen." And what is the essence of being happen? 

(drumroll, please)…


When we are being our whole and infinite self, in the now—timeless, dynamically and vitally engaged with everything, totally alive and living—we be happen-ness/happiness!

Happiness is not a thing, a place, a state…it is a space when we are fully being—present, alive, vital, dynamic. It's bubbly and light…that's why we feel so bubbly and light. And why it seems hard to hold on to—it's not dense.

*The common and habitual use of this language actually points to a misapplication and misunderstanding of doing as being. We often function more as human doings than human beings, as being is often equated to inaction... which is inaccurate and often the cause and case for ceaseless, fatiguing activity.

Coaching with the HAPPINESS clinic will get you back to YOU. You will lose your drive for and by inaccurate points of views about yourself and begin living and creating your life and relationships with greater ease.